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Men’s plastic surgery goals

In today’s generation, not only women are keen to enhance their appearance with the help of cosmetic surgeries. Even men show great interest in the surgical interventions that can improve their appearance. While it may sound odd, one of the procedures that men often choose to undergo is breast surgery. The procedure is usually focused on treating enlarged breasts among men.

Having an excess volume on the chest area is among men’s top insecurities. Well, it is ironic that women always want their breasts bigger while the thought is psychologically unacceptable to men. They think of this condition as a major turnoff. That’s why they seek the help of plastic surgeons to treat their unappealing condition.

Breast aesthetic surgery involves the elimination of the glandular hypertrophy, fat hypertrophy or mixed type, combination of glandular hypertrophy and fatty tissue hypertrophy. If the gynecomastia has not disappeared naturally like what happens to most men, then a surgery will be required. The intervention will be focused on eliminating the excess glandular tissue.

In most cases, men with fat hypertrophy are usually those who are obese or overweight. This is because of the high accumulation of adipose tissues at the chest area. This condition is known as adipomastia. However, as long as the area does not have saggy skin, it can be treated by the surgeon using simple liposuction method.

Moreover, liposuction is an effective surgical treatment for the combined hypertrophy. It can also eliminate adipomastia and gynecomastia at once. But if gynecomastia is in an advanced stage, it might require the surgeon special techniques. The patient would be required to stay in the surgical clinic for about 24 hours.

As long as the intervention is performed by a skilled surgeon, the recovery period can be speedy and the patient can have a more masculine chest.







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