Why You Should Not Choose The Biggest Butt Implants?

Why You Should Not Choose The Biggest Butt Implants?

06th Jun 2018


If you are considering butt implant surgery, you are certainly considering it to augment your booties. While it is absolutely reasonable for women with smaller or flatter butts to go for butt implant surgery, you should be careful about the size of implant you decide to get. While bigger is fine, the biggest is not always better. There are a number of factors that go into determining the ideal implant size for you.


Bigger is not always better

If you are aiming to add a liberal amount of size to your behind, be sure to discuss your goal with your plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will take measurements of your butt and hips, in addition to assessing your overall body size, shape, and contour before recommending the implant size that can fit your figure and outline. Insisting on getting the biggest butt implants can backfire because if your body is petite, the biggest implants will make them appear fake. Furthermore, your butt will not appear as part of your body. Instead, they’ll look separate entities, which is aesthetically a worse thing.

There are many patients who have ended up with botched surgeries after insisting on getting the biggest butt implants. The surgery often results in complications if the muscles and tissues in your back ends fail to accommodate the implants. There are also patients who realize their mistake after the surgery. Looking into the mirror after the procedure makes them repent their decision to go for the biggest implants. Most of them end up having their implants removed or replaced, which can be quite expensive.


Big implants can cause physical discomfort

Big butt implants mean additional weight and volume on your backside. This can make a lot of activities uncomfortable for you. You will feel uncomfortable running, walking, and shifting your body. In some cases, bigger implants can trigger complications like capsular contracture, which can be very painful. Many patients have already experienced these physical discomforts after getting big implants.

Change in or loss of skin sensation can also occur more likely in patients who have very large butt implants. They may also experience numbness, which may be temporary or permanent. The application of pressure to large implants can also cause pain and discomfort.

The good news is that many women now realize this. Instead of being adamant on getting the biggest implants possible, they are listening to their surgeon’s opinions. This helps prevent them from the aesthetic as well as physical discomforts associated with bigger implants. However, this doesn’t mean bigger implants are not good for everyone. If your body is big and your doctor thinks your rear ends can accommodate the implants without creating any discomfort and complications, you will get a green signal for the procedure.


Aesthetic drawbacks

Big butt implants appear aesthetically unappealing if they don’t fit your physique. Instead of appearing as part of your body, your butt will appear like separate objects. This will make your butt appear fake in all aspects.

Stretch marks have also been associated with very large butt implants. Many women who have big implants have already ended up getting permanent stretch marks on their butts. There have also been cases of thinning skin in many patients. The large implants exert pressure on the skin, which stretches it out. This can make the skin thin and make the implants and veins inside your butt visible.

While aging and gravity can make our butts saggy, people who have very large butt implants will suffer from a severe form of sagginess. Moreover, big implants will make your rear ends appear solid and very firm. In other words, your butt will lack the natural feel, movements, and appearance of natural buttocks. The firmness will make them appear unnatural.


What size is good for you?

Given the physical and aesthetic problems associated with big butt implants, it is only safe to ask your plastic surgeon for the implant size that will fit your physique and body outline. Patients are advised to ask their surgeons for their recommendation, instead of choosing it themselves. Your surgeon will take measurements and use computer simulations, in addition to assessing your height, body size, and outline before recommending you an implant size.

Remember, the implant size will make a lot of difference to your appearance. Selecting a too small or too big of a size can result in aesthetic and physical problems, so your surgeon will make a careful assessment of what size will best suit you. The good news is that there are a lot of implant sizes to choose from. The implants can even be customized to your needs and requirements. Once you get the ideally sized implant that complements your other bodily features and overall appearance, you will look absolutely stunning and curvaceous.



The butt is an important part of the human body. They not only help us move and maintain our posture, but also helps define our physical beauty and aesthetics. Implants can help enhance those who have smaller or flatter butts, but very large implants will do the opposite. Instead of doing any good, big implants will do more harm, physically and aesthetically. It is important, therefore, for patients to rely on the expert opinion and recommendations of their surgeons when it comes to choosing the right buttock implant size.


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