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Many times, patients who are interested in having breast augmentation believe they are too old for the procedure. Breast augmentation is a procedure that can be performed on any healthy woman regardless of her age.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, age is not a limiting factor to consider when it comes to candidacy for the procedure. However, age does have a significant effect on the amount of surgery needed to improve one’s breasts. In addition, age is important in terms of setting expectations on how do you think your breasts will look or what you are expecting from the surgery.

Typically with older patients there is sagging, the skin gets thinner, and the breasts become weak. All these factors affect how natural your breasts will look after surgery. The weaker the breast, the more the breast will have a natural look.

Patients must be aware that inserting an implant when the breasts are saggy is a bad idea, because what you get in result is a weak saggy breast, a breast that is large but with a significant amount of sagginess, so when it comes to breast augmentation age is not a problem as long as you are otherwise healthy. On the other hand, understanding the look of the breast becomes a priority when it comes to discussing with your plastic surgeon what type of breast and looks you want based on your age.

Also, it is important to understand that with aging, breasts naturally sag. This will determine if a breast lift is also needed as inserting implants on low-hung breasts is not advised. Understanding what type and look you want for your breasts based on your age should be a priority when it comes to discussing with your plastic surgeon. Just make sure you choose the best one.







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