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Precautions before breast surgery

While the satisfaction and success rate of various cosmetic surgical interventions are pretty high, there are cases that lead to health risks especially if the patient failed to observe both pre-operative and postoperative measures. That’s why as always; it is of utmost importance to follow the preventive measures given by the surgeon.

There are different kinds of breast cosmetic procedures and each one comes with a unique set of preoperative precautions or the ones that you need to do and prepare for the intervention. It is often called the operative plan. During the initial consultation, the surgeon and the patient must thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of the surgery, its advantages, and disadvantages as well as the limitations. The aesthetic goal of the patient must be determined by the surgeon as well. This is also the perfect time to know what you must stop and what you must do prior to the surgery.

If you are smoking, you must be aware of the limitations as smoking can trigger complications. It’s not necessary that you quit but certainly, you need to lessen consumption and avoid it days before the intervention. You will also have to take anti-inflammatory medication before and after surgery for the period of time recommended by the surgeon.

Physical and medical examinations are also required in order to determine if you are an eligible candidate for the procedure or not. Radiology tests must be done first and the patient would not be eligible to undergo surgery without it.

The imagery will be analyzed by a radiologist specializing in breast imaging, while other reference tests will be conducted accordingly. The patient should as well complete the preoperative screening tests and submit the results to the plastic surgeon as soon as possible before undergoing the surgery. This will help any patient avoid risks and complications in the future.







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