Preparation for butt implants surgery

Preparation for butt implants surgery

19th Apr 2017

The butt implant procedure is a major surgery that isn’t easy to decide on. Those who are thinking about the procedure should take their time and don’t rush. Once a patient decides to go for the butt implant procedure, they can now go to their selected surgeon for consultation. If the consultation goes smoothly and the patient doesn’t change her mind about the surgery, then the procedure can be scheduled.

Now that the surgery is on its way, there are some things the patient should do in preparation for the procedure. If the patient is a smoker, one of the first things to do is to stop smoking. Smoking can lead to a higher risk of developing complications after the surgery. It is dangerous to undergo surgery with nicotine in the system. This is why most surgeons won’t operate on patients unless they stop smoking.

Any medication that a patient takes should be known by the surgeon because there are some medications that can cause more harm than good during the surgery. If surgeons determine that your medication may be harmful to you during surgery, they can suggest an alternative medicine to take. They may also suggest temporarily stopping the medication before, during and after the surgery. Once cleared, the patient can now drink their previous medication.

Even before the surgery, you should make sure you prepare your home for recovery. Make things more accessible to you so you don’t force yourself too much during recovery. Arrange your home so it would be easier for you to move. It is also best to buy supplies early before the surgery. Although you need to stay mobile, running to the grocery store for some stocks may not be a great idea especially if you just went through a butt implant surgery. It is better to be prepared beforehand rather than to push yourself to travel just to get your supplies.

On the day or a day before the surgery, the surgeon may give you your prescriptions and you may be asked to purchase them in preparation for your recovery. Pain relievers should be readily available to you after the surgery because you are definitely going to need them. Antibiotics can also be purchased beforehand so that it can be taken immediately after the surgery. Some surgeons even start their patients on antibiotics before surgery as a precaution to infection.

Before you get admitted to the hospital or the health facility where you are going to have the surgery, you need to take a bath and wash your hair. You may not be able to do this right after the surgery because it can be challenging for you to move. It also helps remove any body product from your body. It is best not to apply any lotion, moisturizer or any other skin product.

It is also best to wear loose fitting clothing to have yourself admitted. It will be easier to wear these after the surgery when your movements are limited. It is also best to prepare a couple of these at home so you can wear comfy and loose clothes while recovering.

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