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Qualifying candidates for buttock augmentation with implants

As mentioned before, not anyone can undergo a specific surgical operation. Although most women want to enhance their body through surgical procedures, know that there are requirements that you need before you can undertake the procedure that you have been wanting for. One of the most considered surgical procedures is buttock enhancement. In the United States, there are two accepted ways of increasing the buttock size. This includes fat transfer to the buttock, along with the implant. Fat transfer refers to the procedure wherein liposuction is performed in multiple areas of the body. This fat is processed and injected into the buttock for better shape and projection. Many women want this procedure since it is proven to be safe as well as it is a fast way to improve the buttocks.

However, not everybody can undergo the process of buttock fat transfer. Even if the patient has the desire to undertake the process, still, she cannot do it, especially if the requirements are not met. There are several things to consider for you to be a good candidate for the procedure. You can ask your surgeon regarding the criteria but you can also have a glimpse of it with the list below:

  1. To have fat transfer to the buttock, you must have enough fat, at least 20 pounds above your optimal weight
  2. Sometimes, patients are advised to gain weight before the procedure and maintain it after surgery
  3. For buttock augmentation with implant, a certain amount of skin tightness or a certain degree of skin tone is required

If you do not possess the following characteristics, do not force yourself to undertake the procedure. The criteria should be strictly followed to avoid complications. If you really want to undergo buttock augmentation, then you have to do your best to obtain the requirements.







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