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Recovery after a buttock augmentation with implant

Many women are considering buttock augmentation. However, they undergo the said operation without having a full understanding regarding the procedure. It is not bad to improve your body but know that it is your responsibility to take care of it. Before you undergo any procedure, it is essential for you to plan on how you will take care of your body. Post operation care plays an important role in attaining the best results. It also helps in achieving fast recovery. Before you plan to have buttock augmentation with an implant, there are certain things that you need to understand in order to plan your postoperative care. You can go back to exercising and heavy lifting in about three weeks. This procedure requires a patient’s full compliance in order to have a successful recovery. This procedure is one of those where patient compliance is extremely important. You will be not able to sit for up to three weeks, as these dangers opening the incision and can cause the implant to become infected. Prophylactic antibiotics must be taken to prevent infection. The incision and drain site must also be kept as clean as possible before and after the drains are removed.

You have to bury in your mind that it is extremely important to follow the surgeon’s advice. This will avoid you from obtaining any infection that might cause another operation. If the surgeon prohibits you to do certain things but you need them to do, discuss it with your surgeon. Do not be ashamed to tell your concerns regarding the surgery because it is you who will suffer if you do not tell these things immediately to your surgeon. If you are into physical activities, you have to stop for up to three weeks. You have to obey this because if not, the incisions might open.







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