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Redo hip augmentation

The hourglass hip procedure is an intervention that requires the use of liposuction in multiple regions of the body. Also known as Redo hip augmentation, fat is being collected from donor areas and then retransferred into the hip area to create an hourglass shape.

The amount of fat that can be transferred to your hips depends on the available space of course. Your skin tone is also among the factors to be considered on how big your hips can get. In most cases, the skin tone is extremely tight. A surgeon can only inject fat that the available space can take and oftentimes, they are not enough to achieve the desired result of the patients. That’s why patients are being advised to undergo more than one surgical session to achieve the roundness or the figure that they desire.

When live fat is injected and transferred into the hip area, the skin will be stretched. This is due to the blood vessel formation and inflammation caused by the procedure. The fat has to settle first and patients must wait for six months for the next session. Usually, the second round of fat injection in the surgical receipt site (such as the hip area) tends to make the skin stretch more, allowing patients to get the roundness they desire.

It happens because once the skin is stretched; the skin tone is being diminished. Fat injection also causes inflammation that makes the tissue soften the treated area so any subsequent reinjection of the fat tends to provide a more beautiful effect.

However, reinjection is only recommended for patients with tight skin because it prevents the hip from achieving the width and roundness that the patient desires.

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