amazing plastic surgeon

amazing plastic surgeon

19th Mar 2020

When you want the best there is in Texas, you go to Dr. Cortes. This is no exaggeration, Dr. Cortes is really an amazing plastic surgeon, probably one of the most talented and experienced in the area. There are patients coming to see him from Europe and other states and this is just incredible. But he is incredible. His staff is very good too, and the level of post-care is the best possible. I have talked to many women who had breast surgery before me, both on forums and in real life and they all had different complaints about their doctors. I thought it is normal to have this to say or the other after a complex intervention and I expected that I will have comments too. But everything was smooth and simple. Dr. Cortes is not the kind of doctor that keeps patients at an arm’s length, he is accommodating and engaging and interested in the development of things. I felt supported and understood every step of the way and in control. I did a lot of research about Dr. Cortes before having the consultation with him and it is funny to see him in real life after seeing so many videos with him on youtube. It is like meeting your weather man crush in person! And he is just like in the videos. What you see is what you get. Simple, firm, supportive, smiling and with a very positive attitude. Dr. Cortes is so optimistic that it is no wonder so many of his patients schedule their surgery after the first half an hour spent in consultation with the surgeon. When I called to make the appointment for the consultation I asked how the process is and I think it was Lynn from the reception that explained how things work, that I get an estimate immediately after the surgery and can schedule the procedure before leaving the office. I remember I was surprised people do this, but after meeting Dr. Cortes in person, you just know that he will do a great job and it is safe to go with him.
Having my boob job with Dr. Cortes felt a bit like ordering from the menu, it felt like I had the luxury services and it was all worth it. I recommend him to everyone and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again in the same way, if needed.

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