Amazing Results boobs job

Amazing Results boobs job

18th May 2019

From the moment I met dr Cortes for the first time I knew he is the one that will do my boob job. I went to meet him after a friend recommended him. This was after I had three other consultations with surgeons but I just wasn’t convinced. One of them didn’t even see me personally, which I think is weird and wrong, the others seemed to be very rushed and seemed like they just wanna seal the deal and move on to the other patients. With dr Cortes was the first time I felt that someone is genuinely interested in my story and listens to me. More than this, dr Cortes has this style, he always asks why you want to do this, how do you think it will help, what do you want to achieve with the surgery. For me this made all the difference in the world as I felt that he will be able to look after me once the surgery is done too.
Dr. Cortes took enough time to do the proper physical examination and we had a look at implants, he recommended the gummy bears and I took them in my hands, god, they feel great! It’s unbelieve how good they feel to the touch and I like the idea of having a firm shape of the breasts too, for me is important for them to be up on the chest and perfectly round, lots of upper pole fullness. Some might think they will look not very natural, but this is how my dream breasts look like and this is what I am going to get. Dr Cortes said a high profile will do this for me, so I went with all of his recommendations and now I can’t wait to see how I’ll look after surgery. We talked a bit about what will happen during recovery and he mentioned swelling and bruising, I expect a lot of that and to last forever because this is how my body reacts, but it’s all good, I’m prepared and not worried in the slightest.
My boob job is scheduled three weeks from now, they managed to find me a spot before the date we scheduled at the consultation, and this is something that I appreciated a lot. They scheduled me in two months after the consultation, but it was a bad time for me with the kids school and all and I asked if maybe I can have the surgery sooner. They said they’ll do their best and a few days later I got a call to reschedule. Very, very, very nice and friendly staff, I couldn’t recommend them more!

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