Bernice J. Moore

Bernice J. Moore

15th Jun 2020

I scheduled and rescheduled the consultation with Dr. Cortes for like three times. I so wanted to get the Brazilian butt lift, but I was afraid of the patient. My sister told me to just have the consultation and talk to the doctor about my fears and if I am not comfortable, I don’t have to get through with it. After the first ten minutes with doctor Cortes I knew I will be ok to have the surgery. He explained that the BBL is less invasive compared to the butt implants and the results are all natural, few and rare post-op complications and the pain is not so intense because the muscles are not sectioned like when the butt implants are inserted. He gave me so much confidence, it was like I could have got the surgery immediately! I was scheduled two months and a half from the time of the consultation, dr. Cortes is booked months in advance, but for me it was ok. He explained that it is not possible to get the surgery immediately, I needed to do blood tests and prepare a little.

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