Best Buttock Results

Best Buttock Results

21st Feb 2019

I’ve always wanted to have a bigger buttocks, a curvaceous shape, you know, like you see on TV and can’t help drooling. I was never happy with my flat buttocks and the square shape of the body that didn’t make me feel feminine at all. I thought physical exercises would help so I went to the gym and worked out hard for months with almost no results. Then someone said I need to work out with a personal trainer to get the results I want so I did this too. More months later, my butts looked a bit toned and also smaller, or at least this is how I saw it. Working out at the gym made me feel great, I had lots of energy and feel myself toning up, but my body shape was still the same and I didn’t feel more feminine. I didn’t know what else to do when I discovered the hourglass videos on youtube. Dr. Hourglass seemed to do exactly what I wanted so I contacted him immediately. The response was prompt and within weeks I was already traveling to meet him.
It was obvious straight away that this is what he does best – creates curves for women who have none and I know I stroke gold immediately! The surgery recommended was the hourglass buttock augmentation. The doctor said he will use both implants and fat to make my buttocks look better and this was amazing news because I was also looking into getting lipo on the tummy and the flanks.
After the surgery, I was uncomfortable for a few days because I found it so difficult not to sit down or lay on the back. But the doctor insisted it is mandatory and that the results will be amazing if I can keep up with the indications. I took it one day at a time, at some point I feared an infection because I had a pain that seemed to be persistent, but it disappeared within days.
The recovery period was not so bad after all, and the doctor encouraged me during each follow up meeting and told me the progress is good and the results will be spectacular. Now I have the booty of my dreams! It looks so hot, I am looking at it in the mirror all the time, checking it in car’s windows when passing by and building’s windows, it is just crazy! I look in the mirror and think who is this sexy, sexy, woman?!

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