best doctor for breast augmentation

best doctor for breast augmentation

12th Nov 2019

I did it! I just had my wonder breast augmentation with doctor Cortes two days ago! It was an amazing experience and I am surprised every day by how the process evolves and by my look! I was always so self-aware because of the lack of boobs and always felt inadequate and not feminine enough. I became being more and more shy and avoided any situations when I should have been in charge, even at work, or at my kids school. There were days when I was thinking I could do so much more, but when it came down to it, I rarely did anything at all. I just didn’t feel right and I was always trying to hide myself in the background so other people won’t see how inadequate I am. And it was all my breasts. I remember being such a happy child and teenager until it started to happen. Every one of my friends was growing boobs but not me. And when it was obvious that it is not going to happen for me, I started to shy away. My parents thought it is just teenage hormones, young adults, things like this. I tried once to talk to my mom but she didn’t understand my struggle. I was so busy with hiding that I didn’t even think there are solutions for my issues until some time ago. It was actually my mother in law that started a conversation about a nice of hers that had the breast augmentation surgery and how much it changed her and now she has a new job and a new partner and it is difficult to recognize her. This is when it hit me that I need to do exactly the same. I asked my mother in law to ask her nice all the details about the doctor and how much was it and I contacted doctor Cortes as soon as I got his details. It is funny now to think that I started reading about him only after I had my consultation already scheduled, but I never regretted my decision, not for one minute. About three months after the consultation I had the surgery paid for in full and I was ready to go under the knife, which I did with a mix of anxiety and excitement. Now I am recovering and happier than I’ve ever been. My breasts are so big and so high on the chest wall, sometimes I feel that it is not me anymore! But then I remember it is me, just a more courageous me. I can’t tell you much about the recovery, I just started to get off the bed more after two days of mostly sleeping. The pain is not easy to endure, but I know it is all worth it.

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