Best doctors

Best doctors

08th Mar 2020

I can say that meeting dr. Cortes was the second best thing that happened to me after meeting the love of my life, the man I call now my husband. And actually it was my husband that brought dr. Cortes in my life. He was at the high school reunion and met there one of his old colleagues who was never a beauty, but from what we’ve seen on her social media, after two pregnancies she was looking like my grandma. She showed up at the reunion after a painful divorce and a plastic surgery and she was the hottest woman in the room. He told me I should see the same dr. for my tummy issues. I saw dr. Cortes with great hopes and he didn’t disappoint at all. A few months later I was having an hourglass tummy tuck with him and all went great, loved the results and everything about how things were, but I realized I’d like more butt and hips too and went in and saw him again. My husband was saying I should get a subscription with dr. Cortes, maybe I get more over the years!
Dr. Cortes gave me an hourglass butt augmentation, so both fat and implants were used in the buttocks and he put even more fat in the hips and the results are again very good. I love my new look, I love how it feels to have these amazing curves and I am honest when I say I never thought this could be my body. If I’d have seen a pic with this before the surgery, I would have thought it is a photoshop trick and this doesn’t happen in real life. But dr. Cortes is indeed very talented and can help women get his crazy curves in no time.

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