Best Plastic Surgeons

Best Plastic Surgeons

08th Oct 2019

My husband was deployed when I told him I’m getting plastic surgery with dr. Cortes, and he showed full support and said that he hopes I’ll achieve what I want with the procedure. Little did we know then, when we talked on the phone how changed I’ll be when he’ll get home to see me. We saw each other for the first time about five months after my hourglass tummy tuck with dr. Cortes and he was so stunned I knew I did well to have the surgery. It is so funny to see someone you love and care about deeply falling in love with you all over again. For the next two months we have a new beginning, a new love story and lots and lots of spectacular sex. I always think of dr. Cortes when I look in the mirror and admire this cool looking body. I remember his words when he said I’ll look great, the best. I didn’t fully believe him now, but I do now.
Dr. Cortes is a great surgeon, he is talented, professional and very experienced and he does deliver on his promises. He promised me curves, a thin waist and results that will knock out my hubby and this is exactly what I got. What I think is important to mention is that it is important to have the right attitude when undergoing plastic surgeon. Dr. Cortes did his best, but he told me that a lot can change during the recovery period and I need to play my role, otherwise the results could be less than satisfying. I am happy I listened to him and now I got this fabulous body that I can use to seduce my husband all over again! So amazing, thank you, dr. Cortes!

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