best plastic surgery

best plastic surgery

29th Mar 2020

The best thing about doctor Cortes is that he kept me away from making a big mistake that could have lead to many complications after. Before I met doctor Cortes, I saw another surgeon and he agreed to do my breast augmentation with 650 ccs implants. I wanted to have breasts just like my friend, just that perfect size, she got 650 ccs and I thought the same should be good for me too, considering the fact that we are about the same height. I didn’t go through with the surgery with the other doctor because my sister has worked in a plastic surgery clinic for a while and when I told her what my plans are she said that 650 ccs is huge for me and no doctor in his right mind would give me implants this big. This made me think and I thought getting a second opinion won’t hurt. I ended up seeing doctor Cortes for a consultation and he made me try sizers to understand what I wanted. It felt so strange and the implants were so big. To give you an idea, I am tall, but slim with a very narrow back. Doctor Cortes said no way, he won’t do more than 450 ccs on me and this is huge as it is. After I realized my mistake I asked him what would he do if he were me and he said 375 ccs would look perfect.
I am now happy I met him and followed his recommendations, I got the smaller implants and my breasts look amazing now. They are just the right size and they don’t make my back hurt which I heard is very common with women who get implants that are too big for them. I am grateful for meeting doctor Cortes and I have avoided health issues later.

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