Best surgeon for breast augmentation

Best surgeon for breast augmentation

10th Nov 2019

Dr. Cortes is my favorite doctor in the whole wide world now! If it would be possible, I would go see him for all my health issues! He is so kind and accommodating and so professional and I felt so good during the consultation and even after the surgery that I recommend him to everyone looking for plastic surgery on the body. I had an hourglass tummy tuck with him and a year later also breast implants and each time it was a good experience, not to painful and everything was very good. DR. Cortes really cares about the patient’s wellbeing and he will give you lots of tips and advices to get well soon and face no complications. There is nothing that I regret about my surgery, maybe just the fact that I didn’t have the two procedures at the same time, as he initially suggested, but I wasn’t convinced at that time.

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