02nd Oct 2019

I think I was very close to depression when I went in for a consultation with dr Cortes. I was looking terrible after three pregnancies, my partner was cheating on me with a friend and I couldn’t say anything because I wasn’t able to take care of the kids alone, I haven’t got a place to move, so I just stayed there and felt worst with each day. Until a friend brought up dr Cortes and the idea of a plastic surgery. I always wanted to get bigger breasts and now also the tummy needed some work. I knew my husband would support this decision as he was willing to spend money on my silence so I just went for it. I got an hourglass tummy tuck and breast lift with implants with dr Cortes and it was the best thing I ever did and probably the only thing that I did for myself in the last decades. The recovery was difficult, but I had a friend helping me and the months went by to uncover beautiful results. My body was curvaceous, my breasts were so perky and sexy I just couldn’t believe it. It was like waking up one day in the body of an incredibly attractive woman and getting to enjoy all the perks.
As the results started to show and my mood improved considerably, I got more and more attention from my husband. To be honest, it was an unwanted attention, I had no interest in him anymore after the cheating, I just kept things civilized until I got a job and a place to move and then filed for divorce. I never thought I would be so strong to do all the things I did, including the surgery and what followed after. I have dr Cortes to thank for the empowerment I’ve got after the surgery and my new body, and all that came with it.

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