Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

25th Jun 2019

To say I love my new breasts would be an understatement. I absolutely adore them and I couldn’t recommend doctor Cortes enough! Doctor Cortes did an amazing job and got me the boobs of my dreams. Things couldn’t have been better, my breasts really look better than in my wildest fantasies. And it is not just me noticing this, is everyone around me, my parents, my husband. If I knew I would feel so good about them, I would have probably done it long ago. If you are interested in finding out details about getting bigger boobs with doctor Cortes I can tell you that it is simple and efficient. Doctor Cortes has a great system and some lovely people working with him. I felt looked after at all times and very well taken care of. I liked that I could contact Janiris and ask questions, this was so good, especially after the surgery when I wanted to do everything right so I recover quickly.
After seeing doctor Cortes for the consultation, I got the estimate from Brianna and once it was agreed, the surgery was scheduled. I had the wonder breast augmentation with gummy bear implants, a very good choice if you’d ask me. The implants are 420 ccs and they look absolutely perfect. They are on the larger side, I wanted something impressive as I am not a fan of moderation and doctor Cortes agreed they will look good on me. When I woke up from the anesthesia I felt like I was hit by a bus, but in a few hours I was actually ready to go home. For three days I stayed in bed most of the time, I took my pills, but pain didn’t subside completely. If we are realistic here, it hurts when you step on a lego, it is normal to hurt when you get implants inside the breasts. I don’t understand those patients complaining that pain was intense. Well, it is surgery, and you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, especially if you have a doctor like doctor Cortes who will make it a priority to give you all the details before even scheduling the surgery. It takes a few months for things to settle and after this the breasts settle and drop and soften and they are a joy to look at!

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