Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

08th May 2019

I never had a constant weight, I would easily gain a few (more) pounds over the Christmas holiday but they would shed off before Easter. With aging, the pounds would be more and more stubborn to stay on and I started having more and more developed fat pockets around the waist. Combined with a small and flat buttocks it didn’t look nice at all. And I am in the entertainment industry so I can’t really afford to not look nice.
Dr. Cortes recommended a butt augmentation with implants and fat, I thought it would be better to skip the implants as I thought I had so much fat at the waist already and it would compensate. He said that without the implants I won’t get that hot projection that we discussed and the augmentation won’t be spectacular, but I thought at least I avoid the risks associated with implants and get rid of the fat in the waist and tummy. After the procedure was done, I kinda liked my new shape, despite the swelling and the bruising and I told the doc I’m happy but he said this is not the final results. After two months, the buttocks was smaller, just like he said but it was still ok. And after this all went down hill. I had a tough period at work, I worked 16 hours per day, not much sleep, not much to eat, in a month I lost a lot of weight and it seemed that there was nothing left after my buttocks augmentation. I also missed the three months follow up consultation with the doc and went to see him after things settled down. He noticed too that the fat disappeared with the weight loss and said it is normal to be so and that he explained before the surgery, which was true. Anyway, after a few months we scheduled the butt augmentation with implants, like he suggested in the first place and now I am six months the proud owner of a perky butts!

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