breast augmentation

breast augmentation

25th Mar 2019

My husband wanted bigger breasts and he kept suggesting this like since we met. He is very much into huge boobs and I was a very clear A cup. He always says I wasn’t his type until recently (after my boobs job), so not in the first decade of our relationship. I think this is funny and it is like our joke, for him to ask for bigger breasts and me to complain he doesn’t love my small boobs. It was him who did the research and choose Dr. Cortes for a consultation. He was joking about following his work for many years, but I know he only started researching plastic surgeons after my third pregnancy when I started complaining that my breasts are not only small, but so low on the chest that I have to look for them in my panties.
Long story short, we went to see Dr. Cortes, appointment made by my husband who was also going to pay for the procedure.
I had the breast lift with implants and now I can see why my husband likes big boobs, they are just much more fun!!!!!!! Now even I feel like playing with them all the time, not to mention that my husband died and went to heaven when it comes to my boobs. I am his type now ????))
Dr. Cortes is very professional, and very good at what he does. I had a good surgery and no worried during recovery aside from some pain that I guess is normal.

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