breast – best treatment I got

breast – best treatment I got

04th Nov 2019

I met doctor Cortes when I lost all hope that my breasts will ever look good again. About two years ago I had a breast augmentation in Thailand, I though is a good idea to get bigger breasts since I was there for over a month visiting friends that relocated there. The cost of the procedure was very cheap and my friends kept telling me that Thailand is amazing for plastic surgery. Anyway, I did it. Some get tattoos when they are drunk, I got bigger boobs. It wasn’t a stellar idea to be honest and I don’t recommend this to anyone. I got an infection after the surgery and I can tell you that the after care was very limited and I was in terrible pain, not to mention the incisions opened and I thought I’m never to be ok. I returned to Texas and things seemed to be ok for a while, but when I went for a MRI they said the right implant is ruptured and leaking. The pain started again and at this point I just wanted them out and to never hear about breast implants again. A friend recommended doctor Cortes and I hoped he’ll see me and take me in as a patient. The first consultation was ok, he said that plastic surgery abroad is rarely a good idea and I completely agreed, but now we have to fix it. I told him to just take the implants out and leave the breasts as they are, but he said this is not a good idea, the breasts will be saggy after being stretched by the implant for so long. He recommended either to change the implants with new ones, a better quality, or to get a breast lift. I chose to get new implants since I got used to the idea meanwhile, so why not. This time around, after the surgery I think I was in less pain than the first one and doctor Cortes prescribed analgesic medication and antibiotics, so I don’t get an infection again. The breasts look much better, feel much better and I am more happy than before.
I wouldn’t advise anyone to get surgery abroad, everything is simple until you face a complication, then you are just a nuisance for them and they want to get rid of you as soon as possible. Here, I felt great with doctor Cortes and his team. They are amazing people and highly experienced and professional.

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