Breast Got amazing results

Breast Got amazing results

09th Aug 2019

It might sound funny, but the one thing that really changed in my life after getting bigger boobs is the quality of sex. I avoided sex for like two months after the surgery because I really wanted to stay away from any complications and I wasn’t feeling too anxious to show off naked breasts when there were still bruises and swelling, but when it happened, I thought wow, so this is how it’s done. And I can tell you for sure it is the boob job that made everything different and not the partner, because the partner has been the same for many many years. I felt playful for the first time, like I could explore and have fun while doing it! My sex life improved a million times over after the boob job and I will tell this to anyone who asks me if the procedure is worth it. For me it was the best thing I did in my life and I don’t regret a single thing about it. I don’t even regret getting it when I did, at 42 years old. Maybe if I would have been younger I wouldn’t have been able to fully appreciate all the changes that it brought to my life. I feel like I got a new lease on life, a new youth period, a new beginning. And the best thing is that I get to enough it with my partner and with my grown kids, which is really fabulous! Also, I’m very happy that I got it when I was done having kids so there is nothing to spoil the results of my intervention later on. Dr. Cortes said all I have to do is watch my weight and avoid significant weight fluctuations and my breasts will look great for much longer compared to women with natural breasts and no plastic surgery. So I didn’t have breasts in my youth, but I will have perky, sexy, hot breasts much longer than my friends who enjoyed them earlier in life and this works just fine for me!
The surgery is surgery, so expect pain and discomfort, also tension in the breasts and a funny looking aspect of the chest until the breasts settle. It is surgery, it is not a new haircut. As long as you are realistic about things, all should be fine. I recommend dr. Cortes because he is a very good surgeon and a very kind personality, very caring about his patients.

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