Breast Lift got desired results

Breast Lift got desired results

17th Mar 2019

There would be times when I look at my breasts in the mirror and think that maybe my life would have been much different if I would have gotten them sooner, but then I remember the recovery period and think that maybe I couldn’t have dealt with this experience sooner.
I had my boob job in my 30s, after two children and a nasty divorce. Dr. Cortes said a breast lift with implants should do it. We discussed about the size for the implants and I didn’t want something too obvious because I work in a corporation where it is not always advisable to show off the femininity and it would have been difficult to show up at meeting with clients with huge boobs. At the same time, I really wanted something to make me feel feminine and alluring after the disappointment with the marriage and after feeling like being the one with the pants on both at work and at home. I wanted breast implants, but the doctor said the size I have chosen is too small and I need to go up a bit. He did the measurements, he was the doctor, I felt like I need to trust him on this one, but I was overly stressed until the surgery. After the surgery I was stunned and couldn’t believe it. My boobs were huge, exactly what I didn’t want happened. Huge boobs, high on the chest, they couldn’t look any more fake than this. I went and see the doctor and he said this is normal and after they descend it will be better. To be honest, I could barely sleep at night until I saw them becoming softer and lower on the chest.
I was also in pain after the surgery and so worried I’ll have to go through surgery again to replace the implants, I had a real hard time to keep the confidence and trust the doctor that all will be fine. He asked me to give it three months and if I am not happy we’ll discuss the size again. But after the breasts descended and softened everything was fine. I mean they are a bit bigger than I hope for, but I am a big girl and maybe smaller implants wouldn’t have been really visible at all.
The recovery was painful for me and a period in my life that I rather not remember too often. Maybe because I was also so stressed about the final results and my breasts being to big, but it was hard. The breasts look good now and I didn’t have any other complications.

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