Breast surgery

Breast surgery

11th Apr 2020

Getting my breasts done by dr. Cortes literally changed my life for the better. It was something that I was looking to do for many years, but never found the time or the money and after my divorce I finally had both the time and money and could eventually pursue my long time dream. I was considering going to Thailand for my surgery as some friend recommended, but I was worried about the long trip back home. Now I know it would have been a mistake and what I had with dr. Cortes was much better. Travelling too soon after an hourglass tummy tuck can be tricky, especially on the plane. Dr. Cortes prescribed pills and wanted to check up on my condition regularly and also told me to call the practice in case something occurs that we haven’t discussed or I don’t feel well. Highly recommended and I can’t wait for my next procedure with him!

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