Butt Augmentation

Butt Augmentation

23rd Mar 2020

I had my hourglass butt augmentation three months ago and wanted to share my experience with this community. I have been body conscious every since I hit puberty. During my teen years, I always wanted to get a curvaceous figure. But my genes had other things in store for me. Like my mother, I had smaller butts and hops and bigger abdomen. I always felt depressed whenever I saw myself in the mirror. Even though my husband has always been supportive and appreciated my physical features, I was still feeling like I am not in the shape that I desired to be in.
Two years ago, I had my last pregnancy (I am now the mother of three children). Pregnancy also affected my physical appearance in negative ways. I got stubborn fat pockets in different localized areas of my body, such as the tummy, sides, love handles, and upper back. This further made my waist large. My waist and tummy were overshadowing my butts and hips that were already smaller. So, at the age of 32 (one and a half year after the birth of my last child), I decided to undergo the hourglass buttock augmentation.
Going under the knife was not an easy decision, but thanks to my hubby for understanding my needs and insecurities and extending support to me. In other words it would be right to say that I decided to undergo the hourglass buttock augmentation for myself and not to please my husband. I was sure that I would feel better after the procedure. So, the day finally came and I went under the knife. My husband helped me find the best plastic surgeon in town who is highly experience din the hourglass butt augmentation.
Doctor Cortes explained the procedure and the risks to me during the pre-operative consultation. He examined my butts, hips, and waist, and took some measurements. He thoroughly assessed my health as well. I turned out to be a good candidate for the surgery. Like all patients, I felt stressed out on the day of the surgery, but when I woke up from the effects of the general anesthesia, I felt better and confident.
For the first three weeks after the surgery, I didn’t go to work. Instead, I spent most of my time resting in bed and focused on my recovery. After the third week, most of my recovery had taken place and I returned to work. I was told to avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks after the procedure, but luckily my job didn’t involve physically demanding activities.
As I am writing this review, I have got the body that I have longed for – a curvaceous body with wider hips, fuller butts, and smaller waist. I am in love with my body and feel full of confidence. I would recommend the hourglass buttock augmentation with doctor Cortes to anyone who is a good candidate for the surgery.

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