Butt surgery Got what I want to see

Butt surgery Got what I want to see

07th Jun 2019

I always wanted to share with you my experience with the hourglass butt augmentation surgery. It has been a year since I went under the knife, and only now I got the time to write a review of the surgery here. I have had positive experience with the hourglass butt augmentation, even though during the first few months after the surgery I was uncertain as to whether I will get the improvements I desired.
I am a 38 years old woman. I have four children, which means the pregnancies had affected my body in negative ways, let alone the effects of aging. Like many women out there, I desired to get the hourglass body that features wider hips and smaller waist. On top of that, my butts lacked projection and I wanted to have fuller butts that can make me look more feminine.
So, I consulted with three plastic surgeons and one of them promised me the achievement of all my aesthetic goals in a single go. Doctor Cortes recommended me to get the hourglass buttock augmentation, which he said would not only augment my butts but also carve my body into the hourglass shape. I was counting the days to see the results he promised and finally the day came when I underwent the hourglass butt augmentation.
It was a major surgery and the surgeon had already told me that it involved risks. The doctor was very cooperative and the staff of the surgical facility was professional and friendly. They took great care of me during and after the surgery. My health remained stable and I was allowed to go home two hours after the procedure. The doctor provided me complete instructions for a smooth and safe recovery and also prescribed me a medicine to prevent possible infections.
The recovery was not as discomforting as some patients say it was. For me, it was smooth and safe because I followed the surgeon’s instructions throughout the recovery process. The results started to emerge in the weeks and month following the procedure. Now that a year has passed after I got the hourglass buttock augmentation, I love my body. Those beautiful curves, wider hips, smaller waist, and fuller butts make me look sensuous and beautiful. While my husband has always loved me, he is super crazy for me now, thanks to the hourglass buttock augmentation and my surgeon.

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