Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

30th May 2019

Hello ladies! I am into the second week of my recovery after getting the hourglass buttock augmentation. I want to share my experience here with the hope that I may help someone make a good decision. I had always been unhappy about my figure, especially my butts, hips, and waist. I tried squats, workouts, and diet changes for year, but to no avail. My butts were still smaller and my waist was large, let alone my narrow hips. I was looking less feminine and desired to have wider hips, smaller waist, and fuller butts.
I am the 35 year old mother of three children. I started experiencing lower self-confidence after giving birth to my third child. My body was looking worse and I tried everything I heard to improve my aesthetic appearance. Despite my efforts, nothing helped. After so many years of feeling insecure, I finally decided to go for an invasive procedure as I had come to know that they deliver effective and quick results. I consulted with three plastic surgeons to explore my options. And I chose Dr. Wilberto Cortes because he offered my something that others didn’t. He introduced me to the hourglass buttock augmentation, which he said will widen my hips, add projection to my buttocks, and reduce the size of my waist.
The staff at Dr. Cortes’s surgical facility was awesome. The surgeon was professional and explained the procedure in detail. He examined my body, assessed my medical history, and asked my as to what improvements I am looking for. He made me feel comfortable throughout the consultation, explained the risks to me, and answered my questions.
The surgery was done under general anesthesia and luckily, I didn’t experience any complications. I got home with the help of my hubby, thanks to him for his support. He is staying with me and taking care of me as of now. My surgeon has advised me to avoid driving and work until I am allowed to. My hubby is taking care of my kids for now and has arranged a maid to look after the household chores. As of now, I had a positive experience with the hourglass buttock augmentation. I am going crazy to see the final results but I know it is going to take time to transpire. But right now I can see that my waist size has decreased considerably.

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