23rd May 2019

I am a 45 years old woman who got the hourglass buttock augmentation three months ago. Many people would ask as to why would a 45-year-old woman get plastic surgery, but let me tell you that age doesn’t matter when it comes to your body image and self-esteem. From my experience, I can tell you that old women are equally affected my aesthetic shortcomings and flaws in the body as young women.
I decided to undergo the hourglass buttock augmentation with doctor Cortes to get back my youthful body that was curvaceous and aesthetically welcoming. I had the hourglass body until I turned 35 and already had multiple pregnancies. I believe that both aging and pregnancies affected my physical appearance.
I was aware that with age come health problems. When we grow old, our bodies not always function like how they did during our youth. What this means is that I knew I would be exposed to higher risks by undergoing an invasive procedure. But my plastic surgeon assessed my health and told me that the benefits of the hourglass butt augmentation are higher than the risks for me. Luckily, I had no major health issues, so I decided to get the surgery.
The one thing that the surgeon emphasized on is having realistic goals by keeping my age in mind. He told me that you should not expect to get the body of a teen-age girl by getting the hourglass surgery at the age of 45. I understood his point and was ready for the procedure. I also had enough excess fat in different areas of my body that the surgeon removed from those areas through liposuction and transferred it to my hips and butts.
The recovery period comprised many weeks. It involved three weeks of downtime. I took sufficient rest during this period so that my body can recuperate from the surgical trauma and the liposuction incisions can heal. At three months after the surgery, my body shape has improved. Now, I have a curvaceous body but not that of a young girl and I am OK with it. But doctor Cortes told me that I am going to see further improvements in my body in the comings weeks and months.
I like by wider hips, shapelier and fuller butts, and smaller waist when I look in the mirror. I am super strict when it comes to my weight now because doctor Cortes told me to maintain a stable weight or lose the results. I am excitingly looking forward to a more enhanced body.

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