dani braun

dani braun

04th Mar 2019

I love Dr. Cortes now, but we had a bit of a rough start 😊)) I went to see him to get lipo and breast implants and after he examined me and weighted me he asked if I am happy with my weight. I said obviously not because this is why I want to have liposuction. The doctor explained that liposuction is not for weight loss and he can only extract fat from under the skin, but this will not affect the fat that is in the abdominal cavity. He also said that he can’t use liposuction on the whole body, just specific areas and if I want to use lipo for weight loss I won’t be happy with the results. In other words, he didn’t want to perform surgery on me until I lost weight. My first impression was that I should look for someone else to do the surgery, but then I thought so more and realized that he was just making recommendations for my own good and wellbeing. Also I was worried that he said that if I lose weight after lipo or gain weight, the results will be compromised. I thought I should give it a try and do as he said. I started a diet, I exercised more often and in 6 months I was back for another consultation. This time, things were completely different and Dr. Cortes explained again why it was not a good idea to get lipo when the weight is not stable or you are not happy with the weight. Also, now we realized that I actually needed a tummy tuck and also a breast lift with implants. If I would have got the implants and then lost weight, the breasts would have become saggy too.
Now I have a normal weight, my body looks fit and thin and my breasts are so soft and sexy. I’m grateful Dr. Cortes kinda pushed me towards this by refusing to do lipo in the first place, and I can’t respect him more for this.

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