Daniela Arabadzhieva

Daniela Arabadzhieva

19th Mar 2019

Dr Cortes can be a bit of an acquired taste, in my opinion. I saw him about two to three years ago for a consultation for abdominal lipo and I wasn’t impressed at all. I didn’t go through with the procedure, there were other things in my life, some under currents that starting manifesting and required all my attention. Seven months ago I realized my tummy and breasts will never be the same as before having kids. It also became more and more clear that abdominal lipo won’t cut it for me anymore. I needed to have the surgery done, I needed a big change in my life and I knew that it was this: me, my body, all of me. I don’t know why I haven’t looked for another doctor, maybe it was this urgency feeling that I needed to do things right now and I already knew Dr. Cortes.
Maybe because this time I was much more interested in getting the job done asap, the doctor was more into it too. Or it was just my opinion, I don’t know. But we connected much better this time and he also confirmed that I needed a tummy tuck and breast lift too. But he also mentioned that I will look spectacular after the surgery and he will do this procedure with fat to the hips and I’ll look like in the telenovelas which was one of my secret desires since forever but I thought you are either born with it or no, didn’t think you can get it from a plastic surgeon.
I had both tummy tuck and breast lift in one surgery, as the doctor said it will be safe and no problem, but the recovery period was difficult. For a week, it was both the breasts and tummy that were sore and I find it difficult even to sit down or lay in bed. The discomfort didn’t last for too long, but it made me really aware of my condition as a patient and now I think maybe the doctor should have insisted more on this aspect. I am not sure that I’ll ever want to get another surgery if I can avoid it, but I am not sorry for the procedures I had. My breasts look 20 years younger than my age and so is the tummy. So all in all in was good for me to do and
Dr. Cortes was a good choice for me.

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