Elena D

Elena D

16th Feb 2020

My story is rather sad, not is, better say was, but also very common and I want to talk about it so maybe others will see it and make better decisions for themselves. I was a dedicated wife, then a mother of three boys that we had together and three kids he had from a previous relationship who also lived with us. All my time, effort and the little money I had were put towards making the kids and husband happy and thought this was my happiness. I was happy to cook them dinner every evening, then serve them the food and then clean the table and do the dishes while they all minded their business. My husband was in charge of the finances, I didn’t miss anything, so what’s not to be happy. Until he left and left me with our three kids and took the others and sent them to their mom. With the little money that was left I went in to see doctor Cortes and had surgery with him and it was the best money spent in my life. I got a mommy makeover, so breasts and tummy too and five months after the surgery I was high on my horse, with a new job and more confident than ever.

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