Francisca Merino

Francisca Merino

17th Oct 2020

Very bad service, the doctor never answers the calls, even if you are literally dying. For some reason after surgery some bumps appeared in my tummy were the surgery was performed , he administered some injections saying that it will fix it, nothing happened, try many times to contact him but he never answered or returned my calls, the reason of my many calls is because I traveled from Arkansas to have surgery with, so before I scheduled an appointment I wanted to let him know about it and see if he want me to see me, but instead they told me if I had any questions I have to travel to have a consultation with the doctor. I suffered a blood clot in my lung and he knew about it , but he never call or check on me at least once. This doctor does not care much about his patients about after-surgery. The only one who cared about me, was her assistant Ingrid. She is a nice person. I have to have another surgery again to remove those bumps. Thank God I found a good doctor who helped me and care all the way. Many of you know, that what I say is true.

Muy mal servicio el doctor nunca contesta las llamadas aunque uno se esté literalmente muriendo. Se me hicieron unas bolas en el estómago a causa de unas inyecciones que me puso el. Y nunca atendió a mis llamadas varias ocasiones quise hablar con el porque yo viaje desde Arkansas a operarme con el y cualquier consulta que yo tenia solo me decían tiene que viajar tener una consulta con el doctor. Aparte como que al doctor no le importan mucho sus pacientes. Se me fue un coágulo al pulmón y ni siquiera me hablo para saber si estaba bien yo. La única que se preocupó por mi fue su asistente Ingrid. Ella si es una linda persona. Ahora me tuvieron que volver a operar para quitarme esas bolas que me salieron. Gracias a Dios encontré un buen doctor que me ayudó. Muchas de ustedes saben que es verdad lo que digo .

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