Gina Eftimova

Gina Eftimova

27th Apr 2019

I got the best push up gift ever – new, bigger breasts. If you were ever jealous on the big rings that celebrities show off in the reality shows, you should see my boobs, it’s totally worth it! I was following Dr. Cortes on Instagram ever since I got pregnant because I knew that as soon as I gave birth I wanna see him to make some corrections ???? I knew for sure I wanted lipo and bigger breasts. Even during pregnancy, my breasts stayed the same. I wore the same bra before, during and after I gave birth. Like absolutely no change, no milk, no nothing. Very frustrating, but no problem because it helped me get the surgery sooner.
I told my hubby that surgery is gonna happen as soon as possible and that this is my push up gift and he agreed and went with me to the appointment with doctor Cortes, three months after I gave birth. Doctor Cortes said it is still too early to schedule a breast augmentation, even if I am not breastfeeding because I might still experience weight loss. He urged me to wait at least six to eight months to get rid of all the baby weight because lipo is much more efficient when the patient is a normal weight. He said that if I was breastfeeding I should have waited at least eight, nine months after breastfeeding stopped. I was excited to get my new breasts, the best gift ever!!!!!!! I didn’t even feel the recovery period coming and going, I just wanted to see the results, I was on auto pilot all that time. I did what the doctor said and wore the post-op bra, did the belt and took Arnica Montana supplements and didn’t have any complications.
When my baby was one, I was already looking like the hottest momma ever, exactly like I wanted. And my breasts are to die for! It’s crazy what a little lipo on the tummy can do combined with the perfect implants. Now I take my baby to the park and everybody thinks I am the nanny because no new mother can look so hot!
Thank you doctor Cortes for your support and advice, everything was great and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If I can convince my hubby, I’m thinking about getting maybe some butt implants too in the future! Maybe as a cool bday gift!

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