Got best results Tummy tuck

Got best results Tummy tuck

05th Feb 2019

I was looking for an outfit for my 40th birthday party and I realized that nothing I owned looked good or me or made me feel good about myself. A day and a party that should have made me very happy turned into something sour. I was not happy with how I looked, I was not happy with how my clothes fit, I wanted to look good again and to feel good about myself.
The day after I started going to the gym and completely changed the way I eat thanks to the recommendations of a nutritionist, but somehow despite losing weight, my body still didn’t look how I wanted it to look. Before the weight loss I had a thick waist and a lot of fat accumulation in the midline. After the pounds started to shed off, the fat turned into saggy skin. I still couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted and I was certainly not feeling great to take my clothes of. I never thought I would have more issues to take my clothes off as a thin person rather than when I was overweight, but the saggy skin was so unappealing.
I met Dr. Cortes at the recommendation of a friend who was following him and his work on Youtube. She had scheduled surgery with him too and was very pleased after the first meeting so I gave it a try too.
Dr. Cortes is an amazing person and I couldn’t believe how at ease I felt in his presence. He is patient, asks questions and answers questions, it was a real dialogue and this made me feel confident about the surgery. He recommended an hourglass tummy tuck and promised that my midline will be completely different after. He was so right!!!!
The first days after the procedure I was a bit dizzy and it was uncomfortable to walk with the back bent forward, but the doctor explained that this is necessary not to put pressure on the incisions. It was about a month after the procedure that I started noticing the amazing results of the surgery. It was like my midline was sculpted into this beautiful shape. My waist was smaller and my hips were wider. I had such curves, I felt like a celebrity! I even asked the doctor when I saw him for the three months follow up if everybody can get curves like this because it is soooo hot!

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