Got Desired Results

Got Desired Results

04th Mar 2020

What I tell doctor Cortes each time I go for a check up is that he did a much better job than mother nature and he is much more talented than her too! I mean my body before the surgery was regular, nothing to write home about, maybe the sagginess on the tummy and the fat, but those would have been negatives, other than this, nothing impressive. I had an hourglass tummy tuck with a breast lift and now I look like a celebrity, no jokes about it. I adore my body and I can’t believe it is possible nowadays to dream of a body and actually get it. I look now like in my wildest dreams and it was doctor Cortes who made it possible for me. The procedure was about four hours long, I didn’t have any complications and I am telling you, girls, go for it if you want to have the body of your dreams.

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