Great Results on Tummy Tuck

Great Results on Tummy Tuck

13th Jul 2013

I chose Dr. Cortes because he does what few plastic surgeons are willing to do. He focuses on body aesthetics, not just repairing muscle and taking off skin to make the tummy flat. He sculpts the body to not only make you flat but also curvy. What woman doesn’t want that?? I suspect that other surgeons don’t do this because they either aren’t confident in their ability to have a good outcome or simply want to make more money by making you come back for more surgeries. It’s not uncommon for someone that has had a tummy tuck needing to return to their plastic surgeon to lipo areas that could have been addressed with their first surgery. This is not the case with Dr. Cortes. His “hourglass tummy tuck” technique gets it all done. He is a surgical artist. His staff is great too! You won’t be disappointed and will be challenged to find poor reviews regarding his work, if any. I’m still in recovery but he has changed my body to better than it was before kids. If I had the option of doing a brazilian butt lift, I would return to Dr. Cortes – no doubt. From speaking to other patients in his waiting room, he seems to be an expert in that too. They travel in from all over to see him. I would recommend Dr. Cortes without reservation.

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