horrible wait time and cold dr.

horrible wait time and cold dr.

17th Jun 2016

1st off walking into the office the music was loud hip hop music mind u the office staff dressed inappropriate as if I were in a club. Everything was very unorganized and all 3 office girls unsure of anything. I had my consultation scheduled for 1030am and when I was seated in the waiting area there were about 10 patient ahead of me all waiting to see the dr. I literally waited about 3 and half hours to be seen. I was very upset bc I payed $75 to sit over 3hrs in a cramp room. Like it was all about money. I was called back around 2pm. I felt like I was in a government clinic mind u the room was so packed there weren’t enough seats for the patient let alone the 15+ packet I had to sign/ contract all i wanted was a simple consult and pricing but i felt like i was literally signing my life away. I was very displeased when I was called back after so long and to see how cold and unfriendly the dr was. My consult was rushed. Like it was all about the $$$. I left the dissapointed. I arrived excited and leaving i felt disatisfied with how the dr treated me cold and unfriendly. He rushed in and out. It was so dissapointing for me bc I arrived excited and left dissapointed with how cold and how the dr made me feel like ” hurry up I have other patients to attend” . I felt no warmth from the dr so how can I put my life in his hands and that is important to me.

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