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01st Apr 2014

I had been doing my research on Dr. Cortes for two years before I decided to go with him. I had looked at several other doctors and his results based on pictures was far better then the other doctors I had been looking at. So I finally did my surgery with Dr. Cortes three months ago and I could not be any happier. He did an amazing job on me. I had a lot of extra skin due to having children and stretch marks, all of my saggy skin is gone and most of my stretch marks are gone to. At least the ones he told me could be removed. I loved how honest he was with me regarding my stretch marks and explaining the procedure to me. He answered all my questions and was very professional. I had to wait about 30 minutes for my appointments, but well worth the wait for such a talented Doctor. I can’t wait for the summer sun to show off my new body. Thank you Dr. Cortes for your talented hands.

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