Janice Cintron

Janice Cintron

12th Mar 2020

I was looking at before and after pics with booties for like months before I ended up on dr. Cortes social media and this is when I knew I found my guy! The pics are just amazing and the fact that I got a chance to also see him perform surgery live was a big plus. I liked that he is dedicated to teaching patients and giving advices and I understood for the first time ever why some can get really botched results even when they have surgery with a good surgeon. Dr. Cortes explained that his work needs to be supported and sustained by my efforts and things can turn up bad if I don’t follow the instructions, so I was a good girl during recovery. I had a procedure called the hourglass buttock augmentation which is something that dr. Cortes developed and performs with high success for some time now. I got the butts of my dreams after the surgery, but the swelling went down in like two months. Now I can’t stop starring at myself in all the windows.
Shopping was never as fun as it is now when everything looks good on me. I used to think clothes don’t have the right cut, but it was actually my body that didn’t have the right cut and now that it does, I can wear anything. This was never possible, not even as a teenager. My body has curves, but is also thin and everything looks good when I put them on. For the first time I don’t have to worry about this and that, I just buy the models that I like and this is it, as simple as this. I recommend dr. Cortes, but more than me, his work recommends him, so if you want a bootie job, go online and check his work and you’ll be convinced.

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