lipo good results

lipo good results

16th Sep 2019

Unlike other surgeons that I saw before, dr. Cortes was honest with me. He didn’t try to make things look better or worst, he just assessed the facts and gave me his medical opinion without trying to influence my decision. I decided to get the hourglass butt augmentation and also some more lipo on the thighs. It was the right decision for me and my body looks now as it should, as I wanted it to look. The butt looked good after the surgery too, as the doctor used both implants and fat, but after two months or so, my whole midline was changed and my waist was thinner than ever. I had curves, something I always wanted and I was so proud of my new body that I showed it of at every event I got the chance of attending. So far I think I’ve sent at least three more patients to dr. Cortes, people who loved my results and wanted some for themselves!

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