Liubka Sotirova

Liubka Sotirova

04th Apr 2019

I wasn’t the regular patient, as Dr. Cortes said, I had the unfortune for my body to develop hypertrophic scars after the tummy tuck surgery I had with him and this have been quite difficult to manage. Dr Cortes has been very accommodating starting with the pre-operative consultation and until I was completely recovered and healed, but I realize that most patients are much more easy to manage than me.
I am happy now to be able to look at myself in the bathroom mirror when getting off the shower and admire my body, like really smile at myself and think I am hot. I have sex with the lights open and I actually enjoy my husband looking at me because now I like me too, so I understand how he can love my body.
Things were not like this before the tummy tuck. I was stressed out, frustrated, irritable, you name it. I wouldn’t show myself otherwise than fully dressed in front of my husband and I started wearing pijamas instead of my nighties so I don’t risk him seeing my tummy. If you ask me now, I would do the procedure ten times more to enjoy the results I have now, it was all worth it. But I would have given you a very different answer if you asked in the first three months post-op.
The recovery went all well, until I realized the incisions are not really ok. I wanted to see the dr sooner, but I didn’t want to overreact so I waited to see what happens and when I went in, it was apparently a bit late. I needed treatment for the incisions and they still don’t look as good as I have seen in other patients, but I guess it is my fault for waiting too long before seeing dr Cortes.

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