Marry J Lara

Marry J Lara

05th Feb 2019

My daughter was five years old when she said she doesn’t want me to take her to a school event because I am the fattest mom and she prefers to go with her nana. I felt so bad especially because I know she didn’t mean to hurt me, but it stung like hell. I was severely overweight and I had difficulties doing certain things like lifting her in my arms or playing chasing games with her. I know she suffered too, but until that day I thought things are like they are and there is nothing to be done about it.
After this I had bariatric surgery, it was hard and painful, but I lost a lot of weight and this made it worth it. I reached a normal weight in about a year after the surgery and I thought I would be happy, but I wasn’t really. My body looked like an empty bag. There was so much skin left everywhere that I had to be very careful when choosing clothes as I had to hide the sagginess. I didn’t have intimacy issues when I was overweight, but after the weight loss and with all the skin, I didn’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of my partner and this really put a dent on our relationship. Just imagine I had to lift the skin flap that was covering my pubic area to clean under it when having a shower. I was close to depression when I saw a video with Dr. Cortes on Youtube by accident. I didn’t consider plastic surgery before, but he was saying something like “the skin doesn’t go away after weight loss, just the fat goes”. I knew he will understand me.
I had an hourglass tummy tuck with a thighs lift and a breast lift with implants. I was reluctant about the implants, but the doctor said they will look great and are not very big. The recovery after plastic surgery was a piece of cake compared to the recovery after bariatric surgery. It took a few months for the swelling to go away, but now, nine months after I had the procedure, I look exactly like in my dreams that I never had the courage to share.
My daughter is proud of my efforts, and me we can play whatever games she wants now and she keeps saying “my mommy is the most beautiful mommy”. I feel it was all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am just sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

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