my hero

my hero

12th Jan 2011

I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!!! I can not stress enough how amazing he is, from his bedside manner to his great attention to detail. After a long battle with weight I finally got on the treadmill and off my bum and lost 100 lbs in a year!! It is the most amazing feeling in the world but when I looked in the mirror the only thing I could see was lots of skin and a mis-shapen body. I went to Dr. Cortes in search of a body that looked like a womans, an hour glass shape. I was not looking for a miracle just to be happy and not only did he give me that but so much more. I feel amazing and look that way to. He went above and beyond my expectations. I can never fully explain my happiness or my thankfulness I started the change and he met me halfway. DR. Cortes did a tummy tuck for me and it was the best decision I have ever made. He is the doctor for you just like he was the one for me!!

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