Nedialka Danailova

Nedialka Danailova

27th Apr 2019

I’m 38 and two kids, I’ve always had small breasts but when breastfeeding I had for the first time something like more normal looking breasts. I was almost obsessed with the aspect of my breasts. In time I became an expert in push up bras, this after stuffing socks inside the bra as a teenager. I had bras with water pads, silicone pads, everything that was invented to make breasts bigger, I must have tried it. It looked good with the clothes on, but didn’t help at all when going to the beach and getting intimate with my partner. I was very firm about the bra staying on at all times, including during sex which many partners found weird. Anyway, I would make life choices like where I live, what I did for fun, what clothes to wear depending on the small size of my boobs. I tried pills after a friend said she had an improvement after a month of using them, but for me they didn’t do anything aside from accentuating my body hair which was terrible because I hate it. I am shy and emotional and didn’t think I have it in me to undergo plastic surgery but my mother was very supported and held my hand all the way.
When I met Dr. Cortes I was all sweaty and anxious, like I was planning a brain surgery. We discussed about my aesthetic issues and also my confidence issues and he suggested a surgical plan to help me. The name is wonder breast augmentation and he used gummy bear implants as these are apparently the best possible. From no chest at all, now I wear a D cup and I couldn’t be prouder. The clothes look different, I can go into any shop and there would be literally hundreds of options to choose from. Before nothing looked good and it was such a struggle to find clothes.
Dr. Cortes was amazing with me. When I saw the pics with patients he done surgery on I thought this is for others, not for me, but now I look exactly like that. With amazing breasts, perky, hot and just perfect. If you are shy and struggling with confidence issues, Dr. Cortes is the best choice. I felt understood and confident that he can really do the job.

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