Newe tummy look

Newe tummy look

06th Jun 2019

When I first saw doctor Cortes I felt maybe a bit intimidated. He has an impressive presence and he is very professional. But he also smiles a lot and is very accommodating and this helped me relax a lot by the time the consultation was over. I didn’t schedule my surgery immediately after the consultation, I saw him for an abdominal liposuction but he suggested a lipo with a mini tummy tuck because my skin is not so elastic. I wasn’t ready for something so invasive as the tummy tuck, but I knew I couldn’t go forward with just the abdominal lipo because dr. Cortes explained what results are to be expected and I didn’t want more skin sagginess on the tummy. So, I got the quote for the surgery the doctor recommended and went home to think about it and consult with my husband. The tummy tuck was also more expensive than the budget we had for the lipo. After talking with my hubby, we decided not to go forward with it because it was not within the budget, but I couldn’t just forget it. I kept thinking about it and bringing it up from time to time, I didn’t lose hope. And my husband knew how important it was for me so when he got a check from work for the special projects in the last three months he came with it home and said I should use it for the surgery! I was so happy and called the office immediately to schedule the surgery. They were very accommodating and we managed to schedule the surgery in a time frame that was convenient for me. My hubby leaves home sometimes for weeks and I didn’t want to be alone after the surgery.
My surgery is next week and I hope I won’t be too anxious! I think about it all the time and I am curious if the recovery will be very difficult, considering that the tummy tuck is much more difficult than the liposuction.

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