Oneyra’s Nail’s

Oneyra’s Nail’s

11th Aug 2018

Loved his work, love the new me, and I will go back with him if I need another procedure done in the future … And yes ladies I was brain washed by other ladies not to come here but I see his work on snap chat, instergtam and decided to do it and I’m one happy Client and I’m happy to know I didn’t listen to negative ladies, listen to the ladies that HAVE GOT done procedures by him Only and trust me you will be happy as me. DON’T the listen to ladies that say “I heard” as my experience I got a extended tummy tuck, liposuction on my stomach and liposuction on my back , fat transfer to my hips and from 1-10 I had maybe a #1 on less pain , I never took a pain pill he gave me , I just took over the counter regular pills, I was walking the 2nd day and 3rd day I was cleaning and cooking , a week later return to work as a nail tech , so I took his advice I was not sick so not to stay in bed ,, all day so I did listen .. now I’m 8 wop now going to the gym and very happy for my results , I lost 20lbs from one day to another . My profile is not fake if you would love to see pictures feel free to ask. Or any questions I’m here to help

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