Owen Lapointe

Owen Lapointe

18th Apr 2019

What I liked best about Dr. Cortes practice and the reason I wanted to schedule my BBL with him
is the level of after care. With him you can always call someone for more details, or to answer
your questions or to give you indications. This is very comforting, especially because I am so
scared of getting surgery. I tried to avoid it, I went to the gym for six months, every day, worked
out like a maniac, at some point I was doing squats at home too, every evening, but all I
managed to do is get very toned legs. The buttocks is toned too, but somehow now it looks
even smaller than before I started with the gym, maybe because I burnt down the fat on it. I
don’t know, but I really wanted a significant improvement in the buttocks and I wanted it fast.
Luckily dr Cortes said I have enough fat for the transfer which is great, I was worried maybe
there will be no fat and I wasn’t up for gaining weight just to get it removed with lipo a few
months later, once I start eating, is not easy to stop, lipo or no lipo.
At the consultation everyone was very sweet and kind and they are always smiling which is very
good, considering my fear of needles, knifes and all related to the medical field. The staff is
chosen very well and they do a terrific job. It was great to meet dr Cortes wife, Janiris, she is a
sweetheart and we clicked immediately. She asked to call if I have questions, before or after the
surgery is done, this was great for me. I know there are many getting plastic surgery and then
being left alone to deal with side effects or complications alone and I just didn’t want this.
Fortunately this is not the case when working with dr Cortes. All members of the staff looked
like one big happy family always looking after the patients, preoccupied for everything to be
good, I liked this a lot.

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