Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

04th Apr 2020

Before having my consultation with dr. Cortes I always thought tha
t plastic surgery is not for real people with real jobs, and real husband and real kids and responsibilities and a limited budget that stretches thin at the end of each month. I though it is just like trips to Europe, something that only a few can afford and enjoy, and I didn’t feel like a part of that group. This was until my younger sister, who financially was in a much darker place than us, got her new boobs with dr. Cortes. I was like wow, this is not possible, where did you get the money and wow. I wowed for a whole week before I understood that now plastic surgery is kinda affordable, if you find a good plastic surgeon and you plan it right and it can do wonders for the self-esteem. A few months after the surgery my sister landed her dream job out of nowhere, like literally out of nowhere and we couldn’t place it on anything else but her change of attitude and her new found self confidence. My husband supported me and told me I should go for it and get rid of the pregnancy marks that were left on my body and I went in full force.
Dr. Cortes is really good and he said that lipo on the lower back will also make my buttocks look bigger, which is something I always wanted. I got the hourglass tummy tuck with him and some lipo on the back and now I look incredible. In perspective, the surgery was definitely not cheap and I would have never be able to afford it if I’d have to pay it up straight, but with the payment plans presented I found something that we could afford and got it.

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