plastic surgery

plastic surgery

25th Aug 2019

There are people who have plastic surgery and then talk bad about the doctor they had the surgery with or they get botched results and so on. With dr. Cortes I don’t think this is possible because he has a plan. I mean there is a plan for everything, how to prepare for the surgery a month in advance, what to do the day of the surgery, what to do the day after the surgery, then the week after and so on until you are off the woods. This is important because what the patient does during recovery is important too, not only what the doctor does during the surgery. I had the hourglass butt augmentation and the doctor put fat in the butts and hips and he specifically told me not to smoke and not to do exercises until the fat has settled, otherwise I will lose it. And I did what he said. Ah, not to mention not sleeping on the back or the sides, which was rather difficult for me.
All in all, my hourglass butt augmentation was a good experience and this is mostly thanks to dr. Cortes and his good advices. Also, his staff is always there to answer questions or help, if you needed it and this can make all the difference, especially when you are faced with making a tough decision and don’t know which way to go to be ok. The level of care received from dr. Cortes and his staff was off the charts and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of plastic surgery. More than this, he is a very fair person and never tries to make things better or worse to serve his purpose. He is very professional and straight forward and you always know where you stand with him.

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